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NEWS:  Margaret and son Alistair will be appearing live on the radio on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 on Back To The Sugar Camp, 89.5 FM in Toronto, at 5pm.

Margaret Christl was born in Scotland, the daughter of a coal miner, and emigrated to  Canada in 1966.  She has lived and performed in North America ever since.  Strong traces of her Scottish background are evident in her powerful singing, and in the folk songs and working-class anthems that she loves to perform.

Her talent was recognized when Maggie was a child, and she has continued her singing ever since.  When you hear Maggie you are immediately aware that you are in the company of a truly great singer.  Maggie’s exquisite singing can move people through nuances of emotion with a beauty and honesty that makes them feel enriched by having heard her.  You leave a Margaret Christl concert knowing that you have been with one of the finest singers of our time.

Maggie’s repertoire encompasses a wide range of material from traditional songs, such as Child Ballads, to her own compositions.  Her songs bring tears to your eyes. They give hope, make you smile or tap your feet;  they give you a sense of poignancy of our common humanity.

Margaret has stood under a single spotlight alone on a stage, singing to thousands of people, and  she has sat in cozy living rooms performing at house concerts.  In whatever venue, she brings trust and commitment to the integrity of the songs and a spirit of warmth and friendliness to her audience.

She has spent more than 30 years singing the traditional music of Scotland and Canada.  She has performed at every major folk festival in Canada and the United States.  She has sung in Toronto's Massey Hall, represented Canada in Brisbane Australia at the World's Fair, and performed many times with the late Peter Gzowski.

In the tradition of the teachers of the old songs, Maggie Christl carries the torch with grace, power and clarity.

Margaret has 5 albums to her credit.  Her latest CDs, House of Song and The Picture In My Mind include five and three original compositions respectively.

n December 2007 Margaret Christl was inducted into the Porcupine Awards Hall of Fame, and received the Golden Porcupine for Lifetime Achievement.  The Porcupines, given out by Steve Fruitman of CIUT-FM, were introduced in 1990 as a way to shine light on those who deserve to be noted for their work at enshrining Canadian folklore.

"Treating yourself to a Maggie Christl concert is to give yourself a wonderful gift."
   ...Carol Holdstock, Davis CA.


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The Picture In My Mind

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