April 2007 * Volume 12, Number 5

* Next Old Chestnuts Song Circle April 28 * Chequegnat June 16/07 *

v Old Chestnuts - Last month and next - Jack Cole

A very short newsletter this month.

We've had a couple of very good and OCSC months since my last report. February brought 31 people, including 6 newbies, to the Old Chestnuts. The songs for that night were: That's The Way That the World Goes 'Round (Prine), Potter's Wheel (Danoff), Wild Mountain Thyme, Atlantic Blue (Hynes), Braw Sailin' On the Sea (Trad/McGann), Circle (Chapin), Pussywillows, Cattails (Lightfoot), I'm On My Way (Haines), Let There Be Peace On Earth, Sloop "John B", Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Ubi Caritas, Somos el Barco (Wyatt), Spoon River (Smith), Blowing In The Wind (Dylan), Down In The River To Pray , The Power and The Glory (Ochs), Swimming To The Other Side (Humphrey), Make Or Break Harbour (Rogers), Fire And Rain (Taylor), Light My Fire (Feliciano), Mary Ellen Carter (Rogers), The Weight (Robertson), Let It Be (Beatles), Country Roads (Denver), Let Time Go Lightly (Chapin), Auld Lang Syne, Danny Boy, Shenandoah, If I Had a Boat (Lovett), Black Muddy River (Garcia), Lake Charles (Williams), Music Alone Shall Live, The Rose, Morning Has Broken, Rhythm of The Falling Rain, Georgia Lee (Waits), My Favourite Things , Ah Om, The Swimming Song, Over The Rainbow, That's How the Summer Slips Away (Steel Rail), The Rocky Saugeen (Gordon), Bitter Green (Lightfoot), 1962.

March has flown right out of my head. I recall a full house, at least one new face, and a good time! The songs were: Hand to Hand, Bring A Little Water Sylvie, Avila, Louisianna Storm, I'm Gonna Dance, Streets Of Old Quebec, Summer, Muskoka, and You, I Can't Give You Silver, Braw Sailin on the Sea, Promises Are Never Broken, We Shall Not Be Moved, Country Roads, Froggie Went a Courtin', Happy Wanderer, Lunenburg Town, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Just One More Kiss (?), Outer Space Medley, City of New Orleans, Log Driver's Waltz, Not Ready to Make Nice, Jimmy Mack, Dreams Go By, Sweet Baby James, Teddy Bears Picnic, She Jumps Up (?), Dublin in the Rare Old Times, Peaceful, Sweet Song From Yesterday, Glory Comes, Springhill Mine, St. Patrick's Day, Tom Dooley, Stars in My Crown (?), Let It Be, Home Waltz, Angel's Share, Robin Hood Bay, Captain Kidd, Imagine, Grapevine

The next circle is April 28, at the usual location. Next month, however, we will me moving to Mary and Barry's place, just around the corner. See you then!

v Folk Night at The Registry - Jack Cole

I want to thank each and every one who made Folk Night at the Registry such an inspiring and successful enterprise. We concluded the series for this year on April 21 with Mark Haines and Tom Leighton, and they certainly did not disappoint anyone in the near sellout crowd. Mark and Tom earned 3 standing ovations and 2 encores, and still left everyone wanting more.

So thanks to the performers:

Thanks to the folks at The Registry for co-presenting these concerts, and to our volunteers: plus others from the Circle who helped with billets, CD sales, and much else, whenever we needed it. Also to the doners of door prizes and posters of posters and sellers of tickets. And lastly but importanly, thanks to those who supported us by buying tickets, most especially the folks who bought series tickets, which let us plan the season with some confidence that we wouldn't leave the performers with an empty house.

I want to say a special thank you to Merrick's family, who sponsored the final concert and provided us with a lovely focus for the evening.

I am working hard on next year's lineup, but so far can only confirm some dates and some performers. We know that the year will begin on October 13, and will include Genticorum, the Dixie Flyers, the Allison Lupton band, a Stan Rogers tribute night, and quite likely Ron Hynes and/or Penny Lang. If possible I hope to have a Christmas concert this year too, on December 8.

So stay tuned, and watch www.folknight.ca for information as it becomes available. Thanks again.

v Music Camps 2007 - Jack Cole

Here is the lineup for this year's Celtic College in Goderich, from August

You can view the entire schedule at http://www.celticfestival.ca/CollegeTimetable_2007.pdf

The Woods Music and Dance Camp announced their lineup back in January and it is, as always, an exciting opportunity for a true "summer camp" experience.

More information about ech of these folks can be found at the-woods.ca .

Closing Notes - jc

# Songwriter evenings. Dan Patterson reports that there is a songwriter open stage happening at the Working Centre on Queen Street, each Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm. Michael Cavan is the host. Dan says that the evening is fairlyt lightly attended, so if you've written a song or two you might want to show up and give it a whirl.

# Unitarian Circle. The Unitarian folks have asked me to lead a song circle for them on Friday, May 4. The first hour or so will be for the kids, and the rest of the evening for the adults, but otherwise it will be a regular Old Chestnut style evening. They have given the okay to me bringing a few Old Chestnuts along to help, so if you are available that night and would like to come sing, please let me know.

About this newsletter..... It's on the Web at http://www.mgl.ca/~jhcole and available at Circles. Call 519-578- 6298 or write jhcole@mgl.ca for more information. A very tough week. Thanks to all who called and wrote with their condolences. jc

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