Jack Cole
"Old & Rusty"

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This is a recording for friends and family.  Most songs were captured in one try, and mistakes that weren’t fatal to the song were left, in all their glory.  So be warned - it’s "warts and all".

It’s also for those people who have asked "Is that Canadian Tire Song on a record somewhere?".  Well, now it is.

The songs were recorded by David K at Blue House Studios, Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada.  Thanks to David for the use of his wonderful Thompson guitar, for his saving harmony vocals, and for Track 9 (which perhaps should have come sooner).

Thanks to Eileen McGann for lending one of the nicest sounding dulcimers I’ve heard, and to the Old Chestnuts, for inspiration. And especially thanks to Lori, who not only encouraged and supported me in doing this, but suffered through singing on it, too!  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Song clips are in Real Audio 3.0 format, mono, 16kbps.

1.  The Canadian Tire Song  Jack Cole. (4.56) The Old Chestnuts Song Circle had a theme of "Canadian Icons" one night. This song was a result.  NewHere is an MP3 of the entire song. Enjoy!!

2.  Skyway Doug McArthur. (4:57)  A favourite song since forever, from a favourite songwriter.

3.  Blow The Candle Out Traditional. (4:05) I learned this in Merrick Jarrett’s folk music course at the University of Waterloo in the 70’s, although Merrick doesn’t remember this version!

4.  The Bay James Gordon (music and original words by James Gordon, adapted by Jack Cole. Published by Pipe Street Publishing (SOCAN) ). (4:36) This is a sacrilege. Set to James’ haunting "Frobisher Bay", this fable is based on an actual trip to The Mall on a very, very snowy December 27th.

5.  Seawall Paul Hann / Pete White. (5:31)  Another favourite song, this one is the story of a meeting of former lovers, mostly from her viewpoint.

6.  Potter’s Wheel Bill Danoff. (4:51) I found this song for my wife, the potter, and for the opening of a pottery exhibition.  The chant chorus makes it a favourite of the Song Circle.  "Take a little clay. Put it on a wheel…."

7.  TeacupJack Cole.  (6:10)  Dedicated to The Woods Music and Dance Camp where it was written (in great Bob Franke sweatshop style) and inspired.

8.  Blues is Like Shoes Moe Ewart. (6:30)  A masterpiece.  I got the words by writing down alternate lines with 2 friends, at Carden Street one night.

May 2003. For more information  please email jhcole@mgl.ca. NOTE: As of summer 2004, there are no copies of this recording left. However, I can be persuaded to burn CDs or email individual tracks, if there is something that you would like to hear.

All songs © by their authors (SOCAN).
Canadian Tire and The Bay are registered trademarks of those fine institutions.