Lori Cole Pottery: Other Items

There are many more items in Lori's studio, besides those featured on the other pages. These include spoon rests, candle holders, flicker pots, butter dishes, toothbrush holders, garlic pots, cream and sugar sets, salt and pepper shakers and soap dishes.

Here are some samples.

Chocolate fondue pots for two, or potpourri.      Candleholders and candlesticks.
Fondue for TwoFlickersCandlestick

Cookie jars.

Pate dishes and Garlic pots.
PateGarlic pot
Garlic Pots

Butter dishes, in three styles.  Shown are the dome and German styles.
 The German butter dishes suspend butter upside down in a pool of
water, to preserve freshness.  The third style is the traditional form,
much like a pate dish (above) with a lid.
Butter dishes.

Milkshake glasses (shown with a berry bowl).
Blue set

Cheese grater holders not only keep the grater steady,
but one edge is lower to assist in removing the cheese.
Cheese grater

Bird feeders (shown with a client).

Lanterns, musical instruments.
LanternsMusical Udus

Cremation urn.
Cremation Urn
Please note that some items on this page are special orders.