Bill Gallaher with Harmony Road

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Harmony Road

"From British Columbia to Cape Breton, from the North to the South, Bill Gallaher is becoming known as a supreme storyteller, a provocative poet, and a weaver of lyrical songs…that touch our souls with striking melodies and lyrics that are firestones in the heart. To experience Bill Gallaher is to participate in past tales that have, in their telling moved into the present. He is able to open our senses to the essence of Canada and the lives of those whose sojourns have made this land." - M. Stevens, Smith Hill Productions

A Man Called Moses The Journey The Promise

Already acclaimed as one of Canada's finest songwriters, Bill Gallaher has added to his multiple recording portfolio with The Bill Gallaher Songbook, two works of "creative non-fiction" based on stories originally told in his songs, and an historical novel, "A Man Called Moses".

Released in May 2001, Bill's first such work, tells more of the story that was visited briefly on Across The Divide. "The Promise; Love, Loyalty and the Lure of Gold; The Story of 'Cariboo' Cameron" tells the full tale of John and Sophia Cameron and their return to Ontario from the Cariboo gold fields.

Bill followed this in July 2002 with, The Journey, which elaborates one of Bill's best-loved songs, Augustus and Catherine. "The Journey; The Overlanders' Quest for Gold" is the chronicle of Augustus and Catherine Schubert and their family, as they travelled west in 1862 following their dreams of gold.

In July, 2003, Bill released his first historical novel A Man Called Moses, telling the story of Wellington Delaney Moses, "The Black Barber of Barkerville". From his birth in the Caribbean to his death in that famous British Columbia gold town, Wellington Moses' life, as told by Bill Gallaher, was most curious indeed.

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